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Adani merits a website to itself - the claims of Gautam Adani to be making his company  carbon negative don't stack up by any stretch of anyone's imagination. Unless you don't count Coal, or perhaps don't count where the Coal is burned. However, it's not difficult to see that increasing activity in coal mining is completely incompatible with carbon reduction - never mind being carbon negative. 

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More information here:

check out other companies involved with Adani

Sweden’s AP7 pension fund recently announced it was adding 14 companies to its investment blacklist “for failure to act in line with the Paris Agreement due to large-scale coal operations or oil sands extraction without credible transition plans”.

Adani Enterprises Limited, the Adani Group subsidiary that owns and operates the Carmichael thermal coal mine and rail line in Australia, was one of the companies dumped from AP7’s investment portfolio.

In a damning report looking at the economic, climate and social impacts of Adani’s under-construction Godda coal-burning power station, the Bangladesh Working Group on External Debt, in cooperation with Growthwatch, have called for Adani Power to be tried “for human rights violations and forceful acquisition of land and other natural resources” and the project to be cancelled.

A tip-off received by the #StopAdani campaign has named Lockton Companies as Adani Australia’s new insurance broker, appointed on 29 May 2022. I put this information to Lockton and it has not been denied. A report claiming Marsh is no longer acting as the Carmichael mine’s insurance broker adds credibility to claims of Lockton’s involvement.

and not to forget Adani's cynical sponsoring of the science museum in London. read more here:

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vanguard asset management

Roll up, roll up .... at Vanguard we have some fantastic Sustainable Life Funds for you ... you can invest with us safe in the knowledge that our Sustainable Life Funds will not be investing in any fossil fuels. Not much to expect but .... hang on a minute ....

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Graphic to show % of 'sustainable' ESG funds Vanguard have ... they are the ones in green... you may have to zoom in!​

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June winner


A new coalmine in 2022

with coal no-one wants; on the way to net zero ...

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And here's a great candidate for our June award of Greenwasher of the month. The Secretary of State for levelling up, housing & communities. 

While he's out and about telling everyone how important it is to give everyone the same opportunities, (at the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities earlier this year): "Whether it’s equipping the next generation with the skills they need to contribute to the global economy or protecting and indeed enhancing our natural environment for the future.... "  and not forgetting as he's a central part of the government, so you can expect he's fully on board with the government's pledges under Paris and at COP26.


Ah, but hang on a minute .... amongst all the guff you'll find new drilling licences, more fracking, refusing to invest in insulating homes, more roads, more airports..... more growth...  

Lets look at the claims of West Cumbria and their supporters:

The mine is "carbon neutral" : as long as you don't count the 9m tonnes a year from using the coal in blast furnaces.

The coal will support UK steel making. But their documents show 87% is for export; probably even less.

they say it's a specific type of coal..But won't reveal their evidence...and publicly available data says it's too high in sulphur.

they say they can wash the sulphur off. But no details, they would have to put the reject coal back under ground.

now they say it will replace Russian Coking coal. But both UK steel plants have already sourced non-Russian coal. Steel bosses say they don't need this.

 And this is a government giving out new licences to drill for gas in the North Sea (which will do absolutely nothing to enhance our fuel security) and Mr Gove's department is considering whether to give planning consent for a new coal mine (for coal which noone in this country wants)

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Approving the mine would be deadly, not just because it would allow 25 years more coal mining in the UK at 9 million tonnes of GHG per year. It would also show UK hypocrisy and give other countries a green light to open new coal mines .

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Greenpeace France protestors stormed WPP’s beach at the Cannes Lions Festival protesting agencies that work with fossil fuel companies. Read more here

Financial Times reports on ESG fund management ...... Asset managers told to clean up greenwashing and net zero claims Read more here

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bristol declared a greenwash-free city

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sustainable airport expansion...

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advertisers, PR, press, publishers greenwash


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BAnks leading climate destruction


Greenwash from energy companies

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Greenwash in meat production

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Greenwash in aviation

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Carbon offsetting is not warding off environmental collapse – it’s accelerating it

Wealthy companies are using the facade of ‘nature-based solutions’ to enact a great carbon land grab ....

Have a look at this article exploring the impossibility of Carbon Offsetting being any kind of solution 

Watch this explanation - 'Carbon Offsets 101'

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greenwash: mind your language

You've been hearing them all year, the way the government and big business talk about their progress in reducing emissions. Admittedly from time to time the stories are true, but are mostly exaggerated and are mostly just deceiptful. They want to tell us about all the great things they are doing but it's important to understand how they tell their stories and how in doing this how they mislead us all - into believing they're actually doing something positive. A recent article suggests we must be on alert all the time to spot Greenwash - "To survive this post-Cambridge Analytica world you must treat everything you encounter as if it might be a #sponsoredpost". Read the article here

The biggest myth of all is that we can look forward to infinite growth. In 1961 the UN produced statistics to show that the world population was living within what nature could support. Since then the estimated level of resources and ecosystem services required to support human activities today is just over 1.7 Earths, fast moving to becoming 2 Earths by 2030. (reference). If everyone on the planet lived like the population of the UK we would need 3 Earths. That's pretty simple to understand; what we urgently need to do is slow down, stop some of our destructive habits and help nature recover.  We carry on, the truth manipulated, destructive behaviour continuing and denial all around. Companies and governments across the world making it look as if they are trying and doing something. Watch carefully.

In spite of the occasional bit of good news, most of the landscape is pretty bleak. Big corporations and governments around the world are finally starting to say the right things about the Climate And Ecological Emergency; it's only taken them 50 years since science showed unequivocally what a catastrophe we are heading towards. Unfortunately their fine words are often accompanied by lies, half truths and disinformation. We will be highlighting some of the most spectacular examples of this cynical behaviour and awarding them "Certified 100% Greenwash". If you have any examples of Greenwash you'd like to share or would like to get in touch, please use greenwash.earth@gmail.com