our old friend innocent drinks...

Having been reprimanded by the Advertising Standards for their misleading advert on whether their bottles could be recycled, Innocent drinks are at it again. If you believed everything you they wrote you'd think they were the greenest most sustanable company in the world. Well .... Read the story about their misleading claims here

In case you'd forgotten .. Innocent drinks is owned by Coca Cola. "Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are ranked as the world's top plastic polluters for the 4th consecutive year according to Break Free From Plastic, whose latest global Brand Audit report also charges the same leading plastic polluters for fueling the climate crisis.". Read all about it here

Their website is full of claims about keeping average temperature rises to under 1.5 degrees, now widely considered to be impossible. Science Based targets and 'official' approval for their plans and actions. Net zero by 2030 ?? And Carbon Offsetting forms a big part of those plans. Read why Carbon Offsetting is a problem?

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Sam Akinluyi, managing director at innocent drinks, said: ‘Our Big Rewild campaign aims to show how we can use the power of nature for positive impact; all while making urban communities and the planet healthier places to be.

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innocent accused of greenwashing - complaints to the advertising standards authority 

Innocent drinks have been accused of “greenwashing” by plastic pollution campaigners after releasing an advert that claims buying their smoothies can help save the environment.

Activists, who recently occupied the company’s headquarters, have lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about claims made in an advert entitled Little Drinks, Big Dreams. The ASA is currently reviewing the evidence submitted by the activists and Innocent, and is expected to make a ruling imminently. 

Read the story here

innocent's lies ?

Plastics Rebellion asked innocent to pull their #greenwash advert which claims that they are 'fixing up the planet'. In fact they are owned my Coca Cola who are the biggest plastic polluter on the Earth. Instead of listening to them, they had them all arrested.

Kirsty Hunter, Innocent’s marketing director, said when the ad launched that the company hoped the message would turn consumers into “recycling activists”, but campaigners have argued it is misleading to suggest that purchasing single-use plastic can save the planet.

Douglas Lamont, the company’s chief executive, said at the time: “The launch of Little Drinks, Big Dreams is an important moment for us. It gives us a platform to talk about the many fantastic initiatives within the company – from carbon reduction to recycling, sustainable farming and helping people and communities – sharing information and what we’ve learned along the way and hopefully inspiring others.”

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breaking news: Adverts for drinks firm Innocent have been banned after the advertising regulator ruled they "misled" customers over the firm's environmental impact. 

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The sun green team seem to have changed their tune ....

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what could have made them change their mind? perhaps it was all a gimmick in the first place ?

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Find out more about DRAX - the the UK's single biggest source of CO2, getting massive subsidies from the UK government and claiming to be Carbon Neutral (because of the murky business of not properly allocating Carbon emissions to the place they are used). Read the stories on the BBC here . 

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the green row over the uk's largest renewable power plant ... the controversy of wood pellets as a green energy source

Although Drax Power Station is phasing out coal burning, it is still the single greatest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK, burning more wood than any other plant in the world. More at biofuelwatch

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The company behind a power plant accused of being Britain’s biggest carbon emitter is described by The Prime Minister as an example of the “best of UK innovation and green technology”, read about it in The Independent

The Drax power plant in Yorkshire – largest power station in the country producing 6% of the UK’s electricity and it is one of the biggest single sources of carbon emissions in the UK. Ask the Government they’d say it is officially virtually carbon neutral. It now burns Biomass. 


Uses trees which have been turned into pellets. The claim is that it’s green because new trees will be planted, trees which will take between 30 and 100 years to fully grow and be a 1:1 equivalent. Technically this isn’t Britain’s problem since the carbon emissions are the responsibility of the country that supplies the biomass, not the country that burns it, and virtually all the biomass that Drax burns is imported. Biomass is zero rated at the point of combustion so it can be ignored when the UK calculates its progress to net zero.


Drax says it produces 12% of the UK's renewable electricity, and “The emissions produced when biomass is used are accounted for in the land use sector” (in other words in the country of their origin). “To count them again in the energy sector would be double counting” ..... “The sustainable working forests we source from ... are harvested for other sectors like construction ... Drax only sources from forests which are stable and growing, which ensures there is no carbon debt”


14/15 million tons of CO2 every year, and we’re told this is green power.


£800m in subsidies to Drax in subsidies because they burn biomass. Being used to mislead people into thinking we are further along the road of the Industrial Green Revolution.

C4: How Green is the Government?

Read about it in the Telegraph

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more shoes or

more sustainability?

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Nike has taken some steps in recent years to improve its transparency index, environmental impact, labour conditions, animal welfare etc. And has also been awarded with prizes and recognition for these changes. 

But as we all well know it’s far from becoming a sustainable business. Overall it’s a start, but when you keep repeating the same actions over and over it’s not a start anymore, it’s mockery. 

So @nike will you please start making ONLY sustainable shoes and radically revolutionise your production so that you could really lead the market to REAL CHANGE? 

We’re tired of these little steps which mean basically nothing compared to the rest of your revenues. 

We’re pretty sure you can afford it, thank you and don’t forget to #greenwashmyballs 

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raise awareness of plastic pollution by putting a massive piece of plastic in the ocean??

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Farmers and growers across the country are demonstrating their progress and commitment towards a net zero future for British food production. Our new report shows how they're playing their part in climate mitigation worldwide. More on the Farmers Union website

"With greater government support [we] can accelerate this progress."

The National Farmers’ Union, not a union in the usual sense, but instead essentially an England and Wales agribusiness lobbying group, are targeting children for a bit of greenwash in an ‘interesting’ moral decision. Farming animals is BY FAR the biggest climate issue in agriculture, responsible for 14.5 per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and the production of red meat accounts for 41 per cent of those emissions, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. Despite reducing demand for red meat farming being the number one thing that the union could do, their new pack of educational resources for students (who will be suffering the worst effects of the cattle emissions), produced specifically for COP, makes absolutely no mention of this, focusing on carbon cycle and the effects of extreme weather on farmers (despite the red meat sector being a huge contributor to this!). When asked about the greenwashing, NFU Education lead Joshua Payne commented “I think that unsurprisingly you’ll find these lessons are not about reduction in dairy and meat intake.“ Good to see the union have a strong moral compass. 



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IKEA - did you know you can take back old furniture now .... but be aware- as they say, the problem with Climate Change is you of course. Nothing to do with them and their giant machine

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Blatant lying doesn’t work anymore. So the friends and beneficiaries of coal, oil, and natural gas have developed a new strategy. They depict individual behavior as the key to the success or failure of climate protection, thus deflecting attention from their own actions and obfuscating political solutions to the crisis. Michael E. Mann analyzes how it all works in his latest book, «The New Climate War». Read more here

While the book sets out to look at tactics of Fossil Fuel companies, these can equally apply to all big companies. Carry on with business as usual and blame individuals. 

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And guess what Amazon told their workers to do .....

Destroy thousands of items each week and send them to landfill. Presumably it's cheaper to dump returns than repack them and use them again. Insanity

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This is Greenwash if it was only Amazon saying one thing and doing another. The fact that they seem to be actively destroying resources and encouraging waste makes it even more disturbing.


Setting fires in the Amazon to clear land for crops destroys Brazilian rainforest. It must stop. That’s why we support Greenpeace’s aim to prevent further deforestation. And why Tesco does not buy meat from Brazil, and all our fresh beef comes from the UK and Ireland. 

You can read all about it here - Tesco's claims anyway

The only problem is that Greenpeace say what Tesco is claiming is not true - and is all GREENWASH.

Last week, Greenpeace launched a campaign urging Tesco to face up to the realities of industrial meat and its role in destroying the Amazon rainforest and other South American forests. 

Over 100,000 people signed up, and all this public pressure seems to have Tesco rattled. 

Tesco has started running social media adverts claiming that they support Greenpeace’s call to stop deforestation, insisting that they do not buy meat from Brazil. They also claim that by the end of this year they will have hit their ‘target of zero deforestation for soy animal feed through certification’.

If you’ve seen these ads, you might feel confused about what’s really happening, and what Tesco is doing wrong. So let’s take a closer look.

Tesco have no idea where their soya comes from


Read the whole story here

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Environment Pollution

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"Sustainability is just how we do business - all day, every day.

We clean water to the highest standard, deliver it to millions of homes and businesses (ensuring nature and agriculture gets its fair share), while minimising our impact on the environment.


Water is vital to the long-term future of our planet, so we launched Love Every Drop our strategy to bring us all together to put water at the heart of a whole new way of living."

Anglian Water: number of spill events in 2019 (that's raw sewage into rivers and coastal waters): 17428.

Duration of those spill events: 170, 547 hours.

Data for 2019 published by the Guardian last year showed raw sewage was discharged for 1.5m hours into rivers alone.

Countries are legally obliged to treat sewage before it is released into waterways. Discharges of untreated human waste are permitted only in exceptional circumstances, for example after extreme rainfall, the European court of justice has ruled. 


The new figures show the scale of sewage discharges in England into rivers and seas. They have increased from 292,864 incidents in 2019 to 403,171 in 2020 – a 37% rise.

Sir James Bevan, the Environment Agency’s chief executive, said: “Storm overflows are designed to discharge sewage to rivers or the sea at times of heavy rainfall to prevent it backing up into homes and streets. But higher population and climate change means they will discharge more often. Read more here

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Environment Pollution

“Lords Amendment 45 to the Environment Bill would have placed a legal duty on water companies in England and Wales “to make improvements to their sewerage systems and demonstrate progressive reductions in the harm caused by discharges of untreated sewage.”

Not much to ask really, but 265 Tory MPs voted down the amendment to stop private water companies from dumping raw sewage into the UK’s rivers and coastlines.

As the water companies continue to dump sewage in the rivers, you might ask why these MPs wouldn't want to vote to stop it? Bizarely many of them are in the rural constituencies most affected ! It'll have to remain a mystery

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when is sustainable not sustainable ?

A Travel Retail exclusive, The Macallan Harmony Collection is a new limited annual release that
highlights our sustainability journey and intrinsic connection to nature. Please savour The Macallan
responsibly. #TheMacallan.

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You can only buy this at International Airports ... so please savour it responsibly and don't drink it on the plane. Actually don't get on the plane.  

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