The Oil and Gas companies tell stories. How good they are, how they are working for a green future and how misunderstood they are. And to do that they use the best advertising and PR companies. To spread their lies in the most creative ways possible. Tonight in London the advertising awards celebrate these achievements - but there is another story to tell ....


If you'd like to know more about how this happens and some of the tricks the advertising industry uses read on & have a look here.

And as a reminder of the decades the oil and gas companies have been lying - with the full and knowing support of their creative agencies.  A report in the Guardian asks "Why is meaningful action to avert the climate crisis proving so difficult? It is, at least in part, because of ads"

If you want to read the whole sorry story and see how the oil & gas companies greenwash and try to fool us all - have a look here

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Greenwash from energy companies

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Greenwash in meat production

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Greenwash in aviation

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and meanwhile, not forgetting SHELL

At the Science Museum in London Shell have sponsored an exhibition on Carbon Capture. And in so doing they are using the reputation of the Science Museum to create an impression that they are doing something about Climate Change when they are still exploring for new oil fields. Other organisations (the RSC and The British Museum for example) have cut ties with fossil Fuel Companies and are refusing to let their names be used in this way.

Shell have also included a GAGGING ORDER into the funding agreement with the museum, stopping the Directors of the Science Museum criticising Shell.

Oil and Gas efforts to cut emissions 'just smoke and mirrors' finds new climate benchmark

Shell is not a green saviour. It's a planetary death machine

UK faces legal action over North Sea oilfield exploration plans

Dozens of UK former senior officials profit from fossil fuel corporations, rubber-stamped by Whitehall committee.

Climate crimes have perpetrators. They also have facilitators.

(um.... Science Museum - are you listening?)

How a powerful US lobby group helps big oil to block climate action.

No place for new fossil fuels if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says landmark report

Shell forced to slash global emissions after landmark court ruling

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... we will contribute to a net-zero world, where society stops adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

This supports the more ambitious goal to tackle climate change laid out in the Paris Agreement: to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5°Celsius.

Shell recently announced a special “carbon neutral” shipment of fracked gas to Europe. Although there’s nothing unique about the liquified natural gas, Shell and its supplier, Cheniere, are somehow marketing the shipping of fossil fuels as carbon neutral. You can’t make this up.

In an article published by Salon, the author analyzed Shell’s shenanigans and those of a few other corporations that are practically pulling the strings of government in order to continue to produce fossil fuels that are still heating up our planet.

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Carbon offsets ??

and meanwhile in Australia ...