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how about stopping drilling ? Read the story from Greenpeace here

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ecocide threat looms :All the information about Barclays here 

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'We're helping the National Trust plant 2 million trees over the next 4 years to help tackle Climate Change ... making new homes for nature and protecting landscapes.' Read their sustainability info here.


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For all the great work Shell are doing in Nigeria, South Africa, and their support for the Science Museum in London. Have a look at our special feature on Shell here

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£100bn+ so a few people can save minutes on a journey. 

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more oil drilling In the north sea.  The same UK government taking a lead on the Climate Crisis and showing the world how it's done!

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why don't they just stop?.

'businesses, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever and Nestle, have this weekend signed an open letter recommending such a “plastic treaty”.

Read the story here


And one for the EU & UK Regulators - (leaders in tackling climate change) their position on Ghost flights 

UK regulation states that airlines must use their landing slots more than 80% of the time in order to keep them. This was suspended at the outset of the pandemic but is now 50%, with plans to return to 80% by March 2022. More here

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and here come the airlines ....

Climate change: Airlines miss all but one target - report

"Companies set grand-sounding targets with a lot of fanfare and announcement. They talk about them for a couple of years - then the targets sink without trace, never to be seen again," Leo Murray from Possible told BBC News. Read the story here

With a track record as a sustainability leader for more than a decade, Virgin Atlantic has committed to achieving net zero by 2050. Today, 100% of its fleet is twin engine and 70% next generation, making it one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the skies. This follows a multi-billion-dollar fleet renewal programme that has already delivered a 20% reduction in carbon emissions between 2007 and 2019.


Possible points out that between 2010-12 Virgin Atlantic said that 10% of its fuel would be biofuel by 2020. Possible says the target wasn't mentioned again. In 2021 Virgin Atlantic announced it will use 10% alternative fuels by 2030. The charity also claims that $3bn promised by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson to fight global warming was not delivered.

Virgin did not respond to a request for comment.

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Government & big business: lies and greenwash

How do they manipulate the truth with clever language ?


Scientists deserting the Science Museum?

See what's behind 30 scientists refusing to work with the museum.

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See how sustainable flying and green fuels are lies and greenwash

Is sustainable flying really a possibility?


Advertising and PR companies are complicit

Lies fossil fuel companies tell are written for them by these ad companies.

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