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WHO Yer GONNA CALL?  Greenwash BUSTERs!!

As part of the campaign launch, we organised the Bristol debut appearance of the 'Greenwash Busters'.  Donned in white boiler suits and backpacks they marched down the shopping high street to the instrumental theme music of Ghostbusters to take up residence outside the Broadmead branch of Barclays Bank.  The performance group were met by a good number of rebels, holding banners whilst others were engaging the public and handing out leaflets.  Barclays Banks are Europe's biggest funder of fossil fuel projects so it was apt that they were our first target in the Greenwash Free Bristol campaign.   The Greenwash Busters first appeared outside the Science Museum in London who was hosting an exhibition on future solutions to climate change sponsored by the Shell oil company!  They have also appeared during London's Impossible Rebellion and at COP26 in Glasgow.


The day after Bristol XR's launch weekend offered them an opportunity they could not miss when a city centre hotel hosted the Visit West Tourism Conference 2022 which was sponsored by local greenwash villains - Bristol Airport. The theme of the gathering was sustainability which was ironic as the keynote speaker was none other than Dave Lees, CEO of the carbon-busting expanding airport!


It was hoped to infiltrate the conference room with rebels to disrupt his speech but a last-minute change to the admission protocol thwarted the planned action.  Nevertheless, a good crowd of protestors with greenwash banners and a samba band gave delegates something to think about as they entered the conference venue.  It was hoped that they would have felt the unpopularity over the decision about the airport especially as the conference coincided with the publication of the 2nd IPCC report on the incredibly worrying effects of climate change on humanity and the planet.

The protest was featured on the ITV West evening news.

greenwash busters
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