Soccer Match

The health benefits of playing sport are clear - increased physical and mental health - helping our bodies to function more smoothly and efficiently. Not to mention the social interactions which can create positive relationships and communities.

Since sponsorship by Big Tobacco was banned you might think all was well. Hang on - the money that used to flow from cigarettes now comes from any number of high carbon emitting industries - airlines, cars, oil companies ....

The report, by the New Weather Institute, the climate charity Possible and the Rapid Transition Alliance, identified advertising and sponsorship deals with major polluters across 13 different sports, including football, cricket and tennis. Football was found to have the most deals, receiving 57 sponsorships from high-carbon industries ranging from oil and gas corporations to airlines.

Simms said: “We know about ‘greenwash’ – when polluters falsely present themselves as environmentally responsible. This is ‘sports-wash’ – when heavily polluting industries sponsor sport to appear as friends of healthy activity, when in fact they’re pumping lethal pollution into the very air that athletes have to breathe, and wrecking the climate that sport depends on.” 

He said “major polluters” had replaced tobacco companies as big sports sponsors. “They should be stopped for the same reason tobacco sponsorship ended: for the health of people, sports and the planet.”

Read the full report here 

and the article in the Guardian here

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