How do the Fossil Fuel Companies do it? 

what tactics do they use?

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Misleading? Lies? Greenwash?

Simply enough, they co-op the Climate Movement narrative, use the same designs and same kinds of slogans so glancing at a poster like this (which recently appeared in several locations in Brussels) you might even think coal is a good thing. The posters are part of a PR campaign promoted by the Polish state-owned coal company @Grupa_PGE which is aiming to dig coal up to 2044.

Poland is currently building 4.3 GW of new coal-fired power generation capacity. According to the government, these will be the last coal power plants to be built in Poland, output from coal and lignite plants will thus remain relatively stable through to 2030 What is it that the Polish Government doesn't understand about continuing to burn coal?

So, lets reclaim our story and let the world know what's going on

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